Sound Reinforcement

  • Midas M32 (32x16) based system with ground stacked Worx Audio Line Array and Subs.
  • 6 independent monitor wedges mixes and 4 IEM sends.
  • dBx, Eventide H3000 Harmonizer, Lexicon PCM91 Reverb and Waves Plug-in outboard.
  • Support for simultaneous multi-track recording and video sub mixes.

Remote Recording

  • Tracking and mixing are done through a Pro Tools 2023 rig with Apollo x8p, Neve 1073 preamp plugins.
  • Microphone inventory includes AEA ribbons; AKG, Audix, Earthworks, Neumann and Shure condensers; AKG, Sennheiser, Telefunken and Shure dynamics; Radial Active DIs.
  • All stage sends shared with FOH are routed through a Whirlwind transformer-iso
    microphone splitter to ensure clean signal paths for all concerns.


  • Remote Tracking / Setup payments are due day of show.
  • Remote project balance is payable upon product delivery.
  • Raw tracks can be delivered with all accompanying Pro Tools session files to make
    your post production setup a snap.

  • Sound Reinforcement

    Project dependent (minimum)$1000

    Remote Recording

    Setup / Tracking (project deposit)$500
    Normalized Raw Tracks as 24bit/48kHz - 192kHz, WAV Files$50
    Show Mix (Minimum - Project Dependent)$300